Aerion® Corporation

A faster future. Welcome to the dawn of Aerion.

During the past 10 years, Aerion has successfully merged decades of airborne and ground-based aerodynamics research for a single mission – supersonic flight bereft of compromise.

Aircraft speeds haven't improved much in the past 20 years. In fact, they haven't improved at all. Simply put, that's not progress and Aerion can prove there's a viable alternative to business as usual. By focusing on fine-tuning the aerodynamic properties of an aircraft, Aerion technology coaxes new, higher levels of speed and efficient performance.

The future of high speed aviation. Supersonic Natural Laminar Flow. Pioneered by Aerion.

Every aircraft takes advantage of Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) to some extent. Designers and Aerodynamicists strive to generate as much NLF as possible but always end up with compromises. Natural laminar flow at supersonic speeds was proven to exist in a rocket test in 1947. Dr. Richard Tracy had a vision to design a supersonic jet that took advantage of this technology to the fullest. His doctoral thesis and subsequent career have evolved around this technology. Aerion’s patented tapered bi-convex wing proven in 1999 on a NASA F-15 test bed was indeed the starting point of our technology advantage. Aerion through judicious use of CFD, MDO, wind tunnel and continuing real world flight testing has harnessed Supersonic Natural Laminar Flow for use today and well into the future of aviation.

Aerion's Supersonic Business Jet. Goodbye, New York. Bonjour, Paris.

What is Aerion's supersonic business jet (SBJ)? It's progressive, demonstrated wing technology. It's proven Pratt & Whitney propulsion systems. It's existing structural materials, manufacturing techniques and in-flight systems. It's an evolutionary solution with revolutionary results.

Opening the doors to faster, farther, more efficient collaboration.

Increased market demand from a variety of aircraft manufacturers for Aerion's natural laminar flow (NLF) expertise has driven the company to launch Aerion Technologies consulting services. Aerion has found that the same proprietary technologies and design tools that enable a practical supersonic business jet (SBJ) can also be a game-changer in subsonic and transonic applications.

Aerion has developed one of the industry's most extensive portfolios of NLF test data and methods for optimizing its application to aircraft design, as well as assuring practical manufacturing and operational aspects.

Aerion Technologies' NLF technology and design tools will help airframers push speed and efficiency limits for next-generation civil and military aircraft.

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From vision to visualization to reality: Deskstop Aeronautics joins Aerion Corporation.

A long-time collaborating team member on the Aerion
project, Desktop Aeronautics is now a fully integrated part
of the Aerion Corporation. This acquisition not only
demonstrates our own intense commitment to supersonic,
transonic and subsonic air travel, but offers your company
a uniquely advanced resource for aerodynamic analysis
and aircraft design. Desktop Aeronautics has
provided the world's largest aerospace
organizations with the most
advanced predictive modeling and non-linear optimization in the conceptual and preliminary project phases.

To learn more about how Desktop Aeronautics can assist your programs, visit or contact us.

Making distance irrelevant is what brings us together.

Since its launch in 2002, Aerion's ascent into supersonic flight has never faltered. The Aerion team features experts from aerospace engineering to civil aviation, who research alongside and collaborate with highly esteemed partners, including NASA, Pratt & Whitney and multiple academic institutions.